Kicking Ash Chimney Service - It's better to be safe than sorry!!

At Kicking Ash Chimney Service, our goal is to not only to provide you with the best chimney service around, but also to provide you with our knowledge and education so that you may understand all the best practices for enjoying and maintaining your fireplace or stove or gas appliance. We want to be your solution to all your chimney needs from inspections and sweeps, to repairs and rebuilds. We offer all new technologies for all major and minor repairs from the simple crown coats and water seals to the more intensive relines and rebuilds. We offer 3 different levels of inspections to help you fill more comfortable with your appliance, knowing that 95% of the time a level one inspections is all that is needed. We practice honesty ethics here and offer resources so that you can verify truth.
We are just a phone call away, so give us a shout.
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